Our Vendors

Please select a highlighted vendor to view their website or webpage


  • Boulangerie La Vendeenne (Organic French bakery)
  • Brenda’s Baked Goods (Pies, cookies, squares etc.)20160617_015_rs
  • East Coast Promotions (Gourmet ceramics)20160617_005_rs
  • Green Leaf Enterprise (Transplants, bouquets, etc…)
  • Higbee’s Berry Farm (Fresh Produce, berries, honey, blueberry bushes)20160617_026_rs
  • Indus Cuisine (Indian & Pakistani Meals and Snacks)20160617_012_rs
  • Julien’s Bakery (Freshly Baked bread, French patisserie)
  • June Boehner (Jams & preserves)20160617_007_rs
  • Soaps by Nancy (Soaps, lip balm & creams)20160617_019_rs
  • Still Fired Distilleries (Moonshine and Vodka)
  • Sweet Spot Farms (Plants for your garden or greenhouse, bouquets)
  • The Fish Store (All manner of local seafood)20160617_011_rs
  • The Vintage Rooster (Home Décor Furniture)

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